August 17, 2015

Our Story

Our story is the story of God’s faithfulness.

Kathryn and I met while serving at Vision Baptist Church. Kathryn’s family has been involved from the first day of starting Vision Baptist. Her father is the director of Foundations, the discipleship ministry of our church. Kathryn’s heart for Jesus and discipleship is very apparent and over the years, she has served in almost every ministry of the church. We now have a daughter, Sofia, and a son, Josiah!

I was born in San Marino (a country inside of Italy) into a missionary family and grew up very much aware of the great need around the world. After a short term mission trip to North Africa, I attended the Our Generation Training Center.  I finished my training in 2011 and married Kathryn shortly there after. Since graduation I have continued to serve at Vision Baptist and had the honor of serving as a deacon for the three years. Over the last few years the Lord has been working in my heart to personally take the gospel to Bosnia and Herzegovina as a missionary.


Here is an article about the strategy