Weekly Review 10/2/2018

Thank you so very much for your continued prayers and support! We are honoured to serve God with you here in Bosnia!

Over this past week we have learned how to get a birth certificate for our son here and also the process for getting him US citizenship and passport and all. These things are all very simple in the US and with our first two I never even thought about them. It all took place at the hospital and then came in the mail for our first two children.

In order to get the birth certificate for our son I had to go to a local government office with papers from the hospital, proof that Kathryn and I are married and some other documents so that they could then write up the birth certificate and give it to us. Then we took those papers to the US embassy where we went through the process of getting US birth certificate, passport and citizenship for our son. All of this went very smoothly but was a great chance outside of the Embassy to meet new people and practice the language that we are working on learning. We are also so thankful to God for the friends that He has given us here that help us through some of these processes that are so different from what we are used to.

We have enjoyed having Kathryn’s parents in for the last week. It has been wonderful for Kathryn to have the extra help as she recovers and I have enjoyed walking and looking over many areas of the city during the break from language school. There truly is a great need for the Gospel here in Bosnia!