Weekly Review 9/4/2018

One of the things that is very different here is anything medical. The system is very different and sometimes quite confusing so I thought we would share one of those experiences.

Yesterday we went to the doctor to get the required yearly checkup for our schools children done. When we got to the doctor she gave us a prescription to go to a laboratory to get some basic tests for bacteria in our children’s mouths and noses. We weren’t sure where to go so after asking 4 people for directions and going to the wrong building a few times we were able to get the test done. By the way the laboratory and the doctor are not close to each other or in the same part of town.

This school has been very good for our children in their adaption to culture and language. One of Sofia’s teachers speaks English and so we wondered if she was learning the language. That same teacher told us this past week that she overheard Sofia talking and playing with one of her friends last week in Bosnian. We are thankful God has given our children friends here and understanding of the language!

Thank you for all that you do that makes this possible!