Weekly Review 7/15/2018

Thank you very much for your continued prayers and support. After five months here we have now received our first visas which are good for a year. God has been good to us and we have learned a lot about how things work here.

We are also continuing to pursue the language many hours a week. One of the things about learning a language though is that you make many mistakes along the way. Some are harmless and some can be offensive if you are not careful. Over this past week I finally understood one of the mistakes that I have made. I had said, “Ja sam dosadan” to a friend thinking that I was saying that I am bored. He told me that I really shouldn’t say that. I didn’t understand why but I said okay and moved on. This week in class we were using that word again and found out that it means, bored or annoying depending on how you say it. So basically I had told my friend that I was annoying. Very different meaning than bored that is for sure. Now I have learned how to say I am bored correctly. This is a harmless mistake but could definitely offend someone if I used it wrong. Language learning is a lot of fun. Thank you for your prayers regarding this.