Weekly Review 06/23/2018

We have enjoyed another week of language school and practice. Over this past week though I noticed something for the first time that I hadn’t noticed before. I had recently taken some cash out of an ATM and was putting it in my wallet when I noticed that I had to 10km bills that didn’t have the same picture on them. I then looked at a couple 20’s and noticed the same thing. I then looked to see the date that the bills were printed. I found two bills printed in 2017 with a different person on them. At first I thought that maybe I had some fake bills and so we looked at them closely and everything seemed good. Later we asked our language school teacher about what we had noticed and she told us that since the war here in Bosnia people in power were not able to decide who should be on the face of the different bills. So they decided to print half of them with someone that the Serbian part of Bosnia wanted and then the other half with the person that the Bosnian side wanted. We were happy in the end knowing that all the money that we had was real. 

Through this we have learned a little more of the culture here and the division that came as a result of the war here in Bosnia. Please pray with us that we would be able to show many people the love of Christ and show them true peace which is only found in Christ.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support!