Weekly Update 6/14/2018

We have now come to the end of Ramadan. Over this past month it has been good to see how people practice Ramadan here in Sarajevo. Last night I was able to go with a friend and see how here in Sarajevo they mark the end of fast each day. We went up to what is called the Yellow Fortress where many people had brought their meal and were sitting waiting for the fast to be over for the day. There is a cannon on the fortress that they load with fireworks and when the sun sets they shoot off the cannon marking the end of the fast. Almost immediately people start eating and drinking what they brought. After the cannon goes off every Mosque in the city sounds off and there is a call to prayer. That prayer is said to be the most effective prayer for a Muslim because there is nothing between them and God at that point. Truly there is a great need for the Gospel here in Bosnia. I am so thankful that we don’t have to fast to be close to God or for Him to hear our prayers. Please pray with us that the Lord would save many here and raise up many pastors here to lead churches that will be started.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support.