Weekly Review 05/16/2018

Ramadan has started here in Bosnia. Ramadan is month long fast for Muslims. It started yesterday and will go till June 15th when the fast will be over. The fast is only from Sunup till Sundown each day and they are to go with out food and water for that length of time. However, here in Bosnia since there is such a diversity of religions most restaurants and coffee shops stay open and running every day and have people in them. Please pray that God would save many people here.

On a lighter note we knew when coming to Bosnia that my name might end up being an issue. Recently my wife was running to the store to get some things we needed for supper that evening, leaving the children at the house with me. On the way Kathryn saw our neighbor who asked where Sofia and Josiah were. Kathryn told her that they were home with Micah. Our neighbor then asked Kathryn how long her mom had been in town for. Micah (Majka) here in Bosnia is a common name used for mom. I may need to go by a different name so as to not confuse people.