God is Still Working!

Many years ago while Kevin Hall, Missionary to South Africa, was on deputation he preached and shared his burden at a church in South Carolina. In that service there was a young man that had just recently been saved. After hearing Kevin Hall preach and seeing how young he was with such a passion for God it caused this new believer to want to do something big for God. He ended up going to Bible college and is now the pastor of a church in Pennsylvania.

I got to hear this story through a phone call with the pastor this week. It is exciting to me how God works. Even when it doesn’t look like God is working and you don’t always know the results, God is at work!

One of my prayers is that God would raise up a missionary through my preaching on deputation.

For more information on Kevin Hall go here. http://www.projectsouthafrica.com/author/kevin-and-corli-hall/