May 2017 Prayer Letter

May 2017 – Click Here for PDF version

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

Thank you very much for faithfully praying and supporting our ministry! We are so honored to be partnered with you in seeing this world reached with the Gospel. The Lord has been so good to us over this past month. We are continually amazed at how good God is to us in His service. God has kept us safe this entire time travelling and continues to provide us with so many places to share our burden and call to Bosnia.

The Lord blessed us with two great churches  to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord with on Easter Sunday. We are so thankful that Jesus died and rose again. It was a joy to be with God’s people remembering what Jesus did for us!

 Praises from April:

  • We drove 5,941 miles to present in 15 churches in AL, FL, GA, WV, VA, KY, TN, NC, and SC.
  • We had an increase of 4% support this month bringing us to 61%!
  • 7 new churches voted to take us on!

Prayer Requests:

  • Safety as we travel to present in churches.
  • That God would use us to be a blessing to the churches.
  • For ten churches to partner with us this month.
  • Fill the rest of our Calendar.

Bosnia Update:

In Bosnia both the Catholics and Orthodox celebrated Easter this month. Most years they have two separate days for Easter but this year they both celebrated it on the same day. Even many of the Muslims in Bosnia will celebrate this day with their neighbors. I look forward to when we will be able to use Easter to share the Gospel with the people of Bosnia!

Yours for Bosnia Herzegovina,

Micah and Kathryn Rastelli