March 2017 Prayer Letter

March 2017 (click for PDF)

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

Thank you for your continued prayers and support! Over the past month the Lord has continued to bring us closer to Bosnia.

On our trip in December we saw children begging like this on the streets. Even though it was very cold they were not wearing coats or gloves to stay warm and would sit on a piece of cardboard. What is surprising is that many times these children are forced to beg by there own family and have a quota to reach each day. Truly there is a great need for the transforming work of the Gospel.



Praises from February:

  • We drove 5,335 miles to present in 14 churches in SC, GA, VA, KY, and NC.
  • We had an increase of 3% support this month bringing us to 53%!
  • 6 new churches voted to take us on!

 Prayer Requests:

  • Safety as we travel to present in churches.
  • That God would use us to be a blessing to the churches.
  • For ten churches to partner with us this month.

Bosnia Update:

On March 1, 1992 Bosnia officially separated from Yugoslavia and became its own country. I didn’t know until this week that this date also divides the country. One district in Bosnia celebrates this as Independence Day while for the other district it is just another work day. Please pray with us for continued peace in Bosnia and that the Lord would get us there quickly to share the true peace found in Jesus Christ!

Yours for Bosnia Herzegovina,

Micah and Kathryn Rastelli