June 2016 Prayer Letter

June 2016

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

             Thank you so very much for your faithful prayers and support! We truly are honored and excited to be partnered with you all to take the Gospel to Bosnia. Over the past month the Lord has increased our burden and desire to get to the field. The need for the gospel truly is great. When I read about the war in the 90’s I am reminded that only God can heal the hurt that it caused! Please pray with us that the Lord would get us to Bosnia quickly to share His goodness!

Praises from May:

  • We drove 5,200 miles to present in 14 churches in GA, TN, NC, SC, and AL.
  • We are at 25% Support!
  • 8 new churches voted to take us on!

Prayer Requests:

  • Continued safety as we travel this month to present in 13 churches.
  • For ten churches to partner with us this month.

Set up Fund

The set up fund is used to buy our plane tickets and the initial appliances, furniture, and vehicle.  All money designated to our set up fund will only used for the set up costs.  Thank you for your generosity and sacrificial giving.

Bosnia News

Since the Bosnian War in the 1990’s there has been an increase in more radical groups of Muslims in Bosnia. These groups will follow Sharia Law, but for the most part they are not involved in any terrorism. The Bosnian government however has started to crack down on these groups since some left to join Isis. When reading about this I can’t help but think about the great need for the Gospel. Truly only our God can bring true lasting peace. Please pray with us for Bosnia!


Yours for Bosnia Herzegovina,

Micah and Kathryn Rastelli