Darkness is on the Move


Darkness is on the move in Bosnia. For the longest time Bosnia has been a country known for its moderate form of Islam. Since the war, this has slowly been changing. There is a group of more strict followers of Islam called Salafists that are growing and striving to see Bosnia follow a more strict form of Islam as they do in Saudi Arabia. Much of the growth of this group has come since the war. You will see them on the streets passing out literature and trying to get people to sit with them and learn more about what they should be doing as Muslims. In the past few years about 300 young men have gone and joined with Isis in Syria. To see a little more about thisĀ click here.

Reading all of this made me want to get to Bosnia as soon as possible. Darkness is not standing still, it is on the move and growing. Satan is seeking to further blind the eyes of people so that they will not believe the gospel. There is a great need for a gospel witness. Please pray with us that we will be able to get there soon to share the truth of the Gospel.