Medjugorje, Bosnia


Apparitions of the Virgin Mary began on June 24, 1981 in Medjugorje, Bosnia. Mary spoke with 6 young boys and girls and told them that she would give them 10 secrets each to tell the world. Since then, apparitions of Mary have happened on frequently. These apparitions have drawn over 40 million people to visit the city of Medjugorje since 1981 to see and experience this phenomenon. Mary has warned the world that judgment is coming and has called all of mankind to turn back to God and to the church.

While reading about this city and all that has gone on there it caused me to think about two things.

  1. If you are to read all that the Virgin Mary is supposed to have said here to the visionaries you will find that it is close to what the Bible teaches. She speaks about the coming judgement of the world and how men need to be saved or they will face the judgment of God. Her decrees are so close to the truth of God’s word and yet so very far away. She tells people that they need to turn to God, which is right, but in the lies that she teaches, Christ is not enough to save sinners. Just like all of the lies of Satan designed to blind men’s eyes so these apparitions have given people false hope. In the Apparitions she calls for men to turn from the judgment to God but she wants them to do so by turning to the church and praying the rosary and confessing their sins to the priest. We know that the only way for men to truly turn to God is through Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross, not through works but by grace alone.
  2. I also couldn’t help but think about Matthew 12:38-45. In this passage of Scripture, Jesus is talking to the Pharisees about their desire to see a sign from God to prove who Jesus was. Jesus goes on to call them an evil and adulterous generation because they had refused to believe Christ and were still looking for something miraculous in order to believe. This is the case for those that believe what they see at these apparitions. They are looking for a sign from God when he has given us his Word to believe and that is sufficient. The case for the people that will believe the apparitions is stated at the end of this passage. They are worse off after having believed in this false religion and hope than they were before hand.