God Knows My Story

As I was reading through the genealogies in 1 Chronicles, I was struck by the fact that God knows my story. The genealogies are the hardest parts of Scripture for me to read most of the time because it is just a list of names and can be so hard to find anything that applies to my life. Today as I was reading I was struck by the fact that the names that are written down here are not just names to God. When God had these names put in the Bible he knew everyone of them and their stories. To God these are not just names to fill up space but they are people that he died for.

God knows who we are just like he knows who everyone one in the genealogies were. We are not just names to God but he knows who we are. God knows our story, how we lived our life in the past and what our future holds for us. God knows us and though to many people we might just be a name, to God we are someone that he loves and died for. God knows us and we are more than a name or number to Him.