Bosnia is still Torn by War

Brcko District

I just finished readingĀ The Bosnia List. It is a very personal book that shares the story of one man and his family for the most part. He talks about the life he had before the war, during the war, and after the war. It is eye opening to see that the war was not between people of different nations. The war in Bosnia and all the killing was done between neighbors, teachers and students, even so called friends turned on each other and started to kill each other. All of this was done because of different lies that were being pushed during those times. The people of Bosnia suffered during the war in tremendous ways that they still feel to this day.

What struck me the most is that the young people of Bosnia that are in their twenties today would have gone through the war. The author of the book is in his thirties today and still deals with the pain that was caused during the war. There is peace in the country in that there is no more war and killing. But the country is still war torn. Even though many of the buildings and cities have been rebuilt there is a lot of poverty that the war caused. The greatest part of Bosnia that is still war torn though is the people. Family members and friends were killed during the war truly it must be difficult to deal with these hardships. Inside of the people of Bosnia there still isn’t true peace. The kind of peace that can only come from God.