October Prayer Letter

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

We have had a great start to deputation this past month of September. The Lord has blessed us so much since we announced the Lord’s calling on our lives to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina as missionaries. We have had the privilege of being in some wonderful churches. The Lord has blessed us beyond measure and brought us closer to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We completed our last drywall job with Rastelli Drywall earlier this month so that we could be on deputation full time. The Lord has blessed and enabled us to sell my truck and get a cheaper car that is better for deputation travels. Please pray as we will be trying to sell the majority of the tools that we have accumulated over the past few years this month.

Travel and Support:

Since starting deputation this month, we have traveled more than 2,500 miles to present our burden in ten different churches. We are truly thankful for the safety that God has given us on the road and for the churches that we were blessed to be in. The Lord has blessed us with our first supporter this month. We are very thankful to you for all of your prayers for safety as we travel.


Yours for Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Micah, Kathryn, and Sofia Rastelli