What is the Balkan Peninsula?

  The Balkan peninsula is a region of southeastern Europe, usually considered to comprise Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, the European part of Turkey and the former (pre-1991) republics of Yugoslavia, with a combined area of 550,000 sq. km. and population of 53 million. The northern boundary of the peninsula is frequently considered to of the Sava Read more about What is the Balkan Peninsula?[…]

How Bosnian Muslims view Christians

How Bosnian Muslims view Christians 20 years after Srebrenica massacre. This weekend marks 20 years since the Srebrenica massacre – the killing of 7,000-8,000 Muslim men and boys by Bosnian Serb forces in a Bosnian town that had been designated a United Nations safe haven. The worst atrocity to take place in Europe since World War II occurred during Read more about How Bosnian Muslims view Christians[…]

Brief History of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The area that is currently the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina was once part of the Roman Empire. When the Roman Empire collapsed, the region eventually developed into the kingdom of Bosnia. In 1463, Bosnia was taken over by the Ottoman Turks. The Turks ruled in Bosnia until the late 1800s when it became part Read more about Brief History of Bosnia and Herzegovina[…]